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His sister noticed the difference and caught these images from video calls.  

This happy customer was ecstatic to share his before and after images.  3 1/2 weeks using RESURRECTIONbeauty products and recipes!  Age...56!





Everything has a chemical name.  Chemical names may feel daunting, or even frightening. But just because you can’t pronounce it doesn’t mean it’s harmful.  For example, you will find the ingredient “Deionized Monohydrogen dioxide” in the following recipes.  We don’t list it that way, but that’s the chemical name for simple distilled water!  But there are a lot of questionable ingredients that take time to sort through.  You will not find parabens, phthalates, or other controversial ingredients listed on our labels.  RESURRECTIONbeauty tries to keep recipes and ingredients as simple and safe as possible, while also giving you the quality you're looking for!

Most expensive, designer skin care lines also consist of the SAME basic active ingredients, just altered slightly in their amounts and put into different bases to create different products.  And a lot of those products contain mostly water.  And if you enjoy mixing up your own concoctions, just a few basic active ingredients and skin care bases will have you expressing your creativity, saving money, and feeling good about what’s going on your skin!  It’s fulfilling and fun!

These recipes are provided for your convenience but do not substitute proper research on your own part to ensure that you understand the ingredients you are using and how to properly formulate with them.

THE MOST ACCURATE WAY to formulate your own products is by WEIGHING out each ingredient (with a gram scale) according to the percentage of the formula you desire to attain.  Weight measurements for these recipes have been converted to teaspoon measurements for your convenience HOWEVER teaspoon (volume) measurements ARE NOT as accurate (as weight).  If you are having trouble with a recipe or getting a powder to dissolve properly, it may be due to measurement inaccuracy or mixing technique.  Contact us right away (BEFORE you throw anything away) if you need assistance troubleshooting your creation!


A word on water based options:

You can substitute just about any water based ingredient for the water portion of these recipes.  This is what’s really fun about making your own products!  Use your imagination!  Just remember…ANY TIME you use water in a recipe, you must use a preservative!  Our Leucidal Liquid SF and Linatural are great preservative options for your small batch recipes.  When you don’t use a preservative, you MUST refrigerate your creation!  

Hydrosols are the foundational water based ingredients that we believe makes these recipes amazing, unique and effective!  While our line is still in development, RESURRECTIONbeauty currently carries two hydrosols:  Rose and Witch Hazel.  These hydrosols already contain a preservative so if you are making one of our recipes for yourself with them, depending on the percentage of liquid in the formula you use, you may not need to add an additional preservative.  If you choose a different water based ingredient, you will need to add a preservative or use refrigeration.  Some water based liquid ideas you can try are:

-Hydrosols - RESURRECTIONbeauty’s already contain Leucidal SF Complete!

-Witch hazel - RESURRECTIONbeauty’s already contain Leucidal SF Complete!

-Distilled water

-Herbal teas

-Other gentle toners - (Avoid these in the L-ascorbic acid recipe.) 

Note:  Small batch recipes are recommended so you can use your creation up before it turns into a microbial science experiment.  Even when using a preservative, storing unused portions in the refrigerator will ensure their freshness and longevity.  ALWAYS use stringent sanitation practices when formulating your own products.  Preservatives do not substitute for improper sanitation and/or product handling.


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Do you have a recipe that you love?  Send us an email!  We'd love for you to share it with us!