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Rhassoul Clay Hair & Facial Mask 100% Pure Moroccan Ghassoul Saponiferous Clay Powder 8oz.

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  • Deeply cleanse and detoxify your skin and hair with our premium Rhassoul clay powder. Its natural composition, combined with exceptional absorbent properties, draws out impurities, leaving your skin refreshed and your hair revitalized
  • Achieve a balanced and oil-free complexion with our versatile Rhassoul clay powder. Its gentle exfoliating action and oil control feature reduce excess sebum, making it perfect for oily or combination skin types. Experience a smoother texture and reduced shine for both your skin and hair
  • Pamper your skin and scalp with the nourishing properties of our pure Rhassoul clay powder. Rich in minerals, it provides deep hydration, improving moisture levels and leaving your skin and hair feeling supple and rejuvenated
  • Enhance your natural beauty with our Rhassoul clay powder. Experience improved skin texture as dead skin cells are gently exfoliated, revealing a smoother complexion. When used as shampoo, your hair will benefit from reduced frizz and enhanced manageability, achieving a beautiful, healthy shine
  • Enjoy a holistic skincare and haircare experience with our top-quality Rhassoul clay powder. Its natural composition ensures a chemical-free and eco-friendly option, delivering a luxurious spa-like treatment in the comfort of your own home. Unveil the radiant skin and lustrous hair you've always desired

Rhassoul is a high-quality, soothing clay for face and hair. It's often used in spas for its silk-like feel and its unique ability to nourish skin, reduce breakouts and blackheads, increase skin elasticity, even skin tone, and improve skin moisture. Rhassoul clay powder can be used as a facial cleanser, mask, scrub, hair mask, and full body mask! Simply mix with water, your preferred hydrosol, or even milk to form a silky paste. Add your own additives and create a customized spa treatment at home! It also makes the perfect addition when making your own soaps. Rhassoul has a higher silica and magnesium content than other clays, making it especially good for skin. With its high negative charge, Rhassoul's drawing action makes it an ideal all-purpose natural cleanser that won’t strip skin of beneficial oils. Also called Ghassoul Clay, Rhassoul clay is sourced specifically from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It is formed by a natural combination of volcanic activity and geothermal changes. Rhassoul Clay is for external use and, when kept dry, stores indefinitely!


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  • 5
    Goodness sake!

    Posted by Rebekah G Mace on Feb 10th 2022

    WHAT A MASK! I use this as a mask, my skin was so soft and smooth. Works great for all skin types

  • 5
    Rhassoul Clay

    Posted by Anna Maria Knapp on Oct 24th 2021

    I love this clay, which is the principle ingredient in a facial cleanser that I make, including four tablespoons of clay, enough boiled water to make a paste, and one half teaspoon of jojoba oil. The mixture is a gentle exfoliant and cleans well without the dry feeling that soap creates. I know little to nothing about Resurrection Beauty, but I've been buying its products for a couple of years, and find it to be extremely reliable and its products high quality. Its own recipes are stellar.

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